Drought Contingency

WSUD Drought Contingency Plan Stage 1 Begins June 1 2024











Water Usage Update:

A few weeks back we hosted a landscape irrigation expert from TAMU for a talk on sprinkler systems and irrigation practices.  You can read a summary of the presentation on the Landscape Irrigation Education page on our website (www.wellbornsud.com/landscape-irrigation-education).  One surprising takeaway for me is that the rain sensors many of us have connected to our sprinkler systems have internal components that need to be changed regularly. More modern sensors work differently, but these are fairly simple.  There is a stack of cardboard discs inside that swell up when they get wet.  Once they swell up they complete a circuit in the sensor which sends a signal to the sprinkler controller to stay off for a set period of time.  We learned at the seminar that those discs are only good for 1-2 years of use.  They must be replaced annually or biannually to be sure they are operating correctly.  The replacement discs can be purchased online or at irrigation suppliers and are reasonably priced.  I encourage everyone to check their sensors and replace these discs where appropriate. 

-Campbell Young, WSUD General Manager











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